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Production Operator (Eden Prairie)

Full time
Eden Prairie, MN, USA
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Job Title: Production Operator

Reports to: Shift Supervisor

Dept: Production FTE: Full Time FLSA: Non-Exempt

Job Description

Job Purpose: To contribute to the success of our customers by producing their products in a way

that meets or exceeds the production schedule and our customer’s quality requirements.

Job Responsibilities and Job Duties: (Percentages = priority and approximate time focus)

1. Effectively contributes in production areas so that production output meets the production schedule.


 Effectively communicate with teammates as it is related to the optimal running of our production


 Utilize “line stop” mentality when it comes to equipment, quality or safety issues.

 Demonstrate competency in change over activities to make sure they occur in the minimum time

with 100% readiness.

 Report maintenance issues immediately

2. Responsible for maintaining and improving productions portion of APEX’s quality systems.


 Demonstrate a working knowledge of APEX’s quality system as it relates to production.

 Identify, report, and assist in resolving quality issues.

 Demonstrate competency in cleaning and sanitizing procedures

3. Creates and maintains an area that ensures our employees have minimal exposure to unsafe conditions

or work habits. 25%

 Identify, report and assist in resolving safety issues

 Demonstrate the capability to rotate to all line positions.

4. Understand and maintain a culture of “lean action” within the department so that we live lean better than

any organization. 15%

 Assist in implementing and maintaining standards and processes that eliminate waste

throughout the department.

 Apply and utilize “lean tools” to permanently implement improvements.

 Sustain 5-S in all aspects of the department. (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and


5. Perform other work as assigned. 5%

Direction and oversight: None

Qualification and Skill Requirements:

Prior Experience:

This position requires manufacturing or warehouse experience.

Knowledge Requirements:

A high school diploma or GED is preferred. To be effective, this position requires fluency in

the English language, an ability to follow directions and written processes and procedures.

Basic math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and able to work with

fractions and decimals is a plus.

Licenses and Certifications: None

Certifications or required class attendance: None

Technical Competencies:

 Can read and write at a 6th grade level and follow procedures, processes and

specifications written in English.

 Can demonstrate attention to detail.

 Can follow directions accurately and safely.

 Understands and can do basic math

Work Requirement:

This position may require significant work hours beyond the normal workday based on the

demands of the business cycle, customer volume of business, and specific sales efforts

underway. It requires reliable transportation. It has a moderate to high demand for tight

deadlines. This position entails work of a cyclical nature. This position will experience

moderate interruption in workflow for product changeovers. It has no requirement for

overnight or day travel.

Physical Requirements:

This position requires:

 Continuous (6 or more hours per day) bending, pushing, pulling, climbing stairs, reaching,

lifting and grasping.

 Continuous (6 or more hours per day) standing and walking.

 Continuous (6 or more hours per day) talking, communicating, and repetitive hand/wrist


 Sensory requirements: Good eyesight, normal hearing, and fluent in the English


Working Conditions:

 Indoors, seasonally hot and humid.

 Will be exposed to various fragrances which at times may be at elevated levels.

 Moving and lifting objects, sometimes 50 lbs. frequently.

 This job involves working with FDA approved substances which may have allergic

potential in some people.

Work Schedule

This position usually works for 8-10 hour shifts in two four (4) to five (5) hour blocks.

However, hours of work are flexible and will fluctuate based on the needs of the business and

the customers. The job may require a maximum of 5-20 hours of work beyond the normal 40

work-week schedule depending on work demands. The work hours can vary depending on

customer requirements and staffing.

Core Purpose: To contribute to the success of our customers by helping them grow and save


Vision: Become the most respected, most admired, most sought after CPG contract manufacturer in

the World.

Vivid Description: With our intimate knowledge of our customers we will provide products and

services so valuable that we are considered an integral member of their team that they cannot live

without. We will collaborate in a way that creates a tremendous competitive advantage to our

customers. This competitive advantage comes from providing innovative products to the market

faster than anyone, at the greatest value to the customer, and with quality that exceeds the

consumer’s expectations. Great customers seek us out. Our halls are filled with awards and

testimonials bestowed upon us by our customers and suppliers. Our culture and environment attract

the most passionate, committed, and highest achieving people in our industry. Our employees live

our core values. We are proud of our accomplishments but are never satisfied with the status quo.

We continuously improve in every way, everyday.

Core Values

Customer Focused – Our success is based on customer intimacy—understanding the unique needs

of each customer and providing products and services that always exceed their expectations. .

 We are passionate, intense and relentless in the pursuit of customer satisfaction.

 We have an intimate understanding of the uniqueness of each customer and what will

make them successful.

 We provide products and services that each customer wants at the right price, the right

quality with responsiveness and dependability.

 We make every customer experience a positive no matter the situation.

 We always put the customer first. Everything is looked at from the customer’s perspective.

 We provide creative solutions that are win-win.

 We always strive to WOW the customer.

Continuous Improvement – We stay ahead of the competition by continually and relentlessly

examining how we do business and determining new ways to move the business forward. This is

everyone’s primary responsibility to themselves, to their teammates and the company.

 We use data to focus our improvement efforts and measure results.

 We use lean tools to identify waste and drive it out of the process.

 We are proactive. We anticipate problems and take corrective actions before they affect

us or our customers.

 We accept nothing less than a quality product. We must always meet or exceed


 We are creative and innovative in the way we approach problem solving.

Results Culture – Our people thrive on achievement. It is a core trait of our people and organization.

We take on challenges that make us better and are not satisfied until we accomplish our objective.

 We select the best.

 We accept nothing less.

 We create an environment for people to succeed.

 We are committed and accountable to our values, our objectives and our company.

 We have an urgency and passion to accomplish our goals.

 We are always ethical.

 We treat others with respect.

 We have integrity. We strive to do what we say we are going to do.

 We never give up.

 We are focused on results.

 We are focused on results.

I have acknowledged that I received a copy of the Apex International job description. I understand

this is an employment-at-will status and that the company may find it necessary to modify my job

and the job description and may do so without prior notice to me.

Stewardship – In order to fulfill our core purpose and achieve our vision we must be fanatical

stewards of our resources (money, time, tools, equipment, materials, etc) for the betterment of the

company and our customers. Good Stewardship is the key to the long-term viability of the company.

 We never want to “walk by” an opportunity, but instead to be alert to opportunities and

evaluate them based on how they are driven by our Core Purpose and fulfill our Vision. It

is by seizing the right opportunities that we “capitalize” on chances to advance our vision.

Opportunities are all around us everyday both within our facilities and in the marketplace.

By taking full advantage of the right ones, we are good stewards.

 We spend Apex’s and our customer’s money like it is our own.

 We use our resources in a way that builds trust between the company and its customers.

 We use our resources in a way that builds trust between the company and its employees.

 We look at every dollar spent and resource used as an investment that needs a return.

 We only spend or use resources when we believe that there is a return for the company

and its customers.

 We consider the short term impact of how we use resources and spend money but we are

primarily interested in the long term affect