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Evolution of Cleaning Techniques

2800 BC

Contrary to popular belief, ancient Babylonians understood the importance of cleaning and sanitation, as evidenced by residual soap particles found aboard ship vessels

Ships at Sea
Washing Whites

The beginning of the end for handwashing clothes has arrived once British entrepreneur invents the first washing machine

Dish Washer

Women of the west rejoice as what is now known as the dishwasher comes to market.


After discovering that towels harbor copious amounts of bacteria, disposable paper towels are introduced to mitigate the transmission of troublesome pathogens

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Lysol takes a big step toward becoming a household name after the company’s owners bring their heralded cleaning products from Germany to the United States 

Lab Experiments

After centuries of using animal and vegetable fats to produce soap, chemists learn that raw materials can be synthesized with chemicals to manufacture “detergents”.

Image by Aron Visuals

Technology has advanced to the point that both washing machines and dishwashers are now nearly 100% more efficient than they were even two decades prior


EIDS Cleaning & Consulting is founded, offering Twin Cities businesses of all sizes safe and effective cleaning services

Image by Fusion Medical Animation

The COVID-19 pandemic begins, causing cleaning businesses around the world to adapt to the new regulations brought on by the novel coronavirus