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General Laborer (St. Paul)

St Paul, MN, USA

Job Type

Temp To Hire


DEPARTMENT: Production
REPORTING FUNCTION: Production Supervisor



To work together as a team and be responsible for efficient packing and palletizing of quality products at the speed of the production line. Packing appropriate cartons into cases and shipping containers with the correct amount of product, while pushing them through the taping machine and stacking them on pallets. GHDL’s catch and dump candy, mix ingredients, etc. Perform general labor duties throughout the factory usually involving repetitive lifting, stacking, carrying, and dumping of heavy containers, usually cases, but often other steps in production processes. Promoting teamwork, collaboration, and communication across the organization


  • To pack appropriate cartons into cases and shippers at the speed of the production line and to pack the correct amount of product into cases and shippers. To pack correct headers, bases and description sheets into cases and shippers.

  • To push cases through the taper and palletize the correct number of products onto pallets at the bagger.

  • To be sure case erector (Little David) is fully functioning and running properly.

  • To be sure correct and legible code date is on cases and shippers and to make cases or display trays and push them through the taper. To change the tape and ink when needed

  • To bring cases down to the end of the production line to be palletized.

  • To inspect pallets for quality assurance and communicate if something is wrong.

  • To palletize combo pallets correctly with paperwork and labels.

  • To pack quality wrapped jars into trays and push onto the conveyor belt.

  • To change the shrink wrap and labels when needed.

  • To set up for the next day’s production.

  • To ensure that all duties are performed in a neat and organized manner, requiring sweeping and other general cleaning duties of your workspace.

  • To perform lifting to 65 pounds.

  • To service centers when needed.

  • To perform duties requiring standing, stooping, bending, pushing, and pulling, reaching, and grabbing on a continuous basis throughout the day.

  • To operate a pallet jack and pushing and pulling 2000 pounds

  • Catch and dump candy, mix ingredients.

  • To perform the GHDL duties in a rotation system throughout the production operations.

  • To wear appropriate protective equipment while performing duties.

  • To comply with all rules and regulations and to continuously practice safety while performing duties.

  • To develop and maintain positive working relationships as a team with other employees and other departments as a responsibility in fulfilling all job functions.

  • A commitment to quality assurance to ensure we manufacture quality products manufactured for our customers.

  • Ensure that your workspace location is cleaned up prior to the end of your scheduled shift.

  • Responsible for food safety and quality as well as reporting food safety and quality problems to personnel with authority to initiate swift action. Other duties as assigned.

RELIEF COVERAGE If you are scheduled for a relief position you will be helping with the relief of any machine on the production floor, when there is down time doing clean up, working on repacks, and stickering cases.


  • Effective Communication Skills

  • Great attention to detail

  • Ability to work in a fast paced, hands-on environment

  • Professional appearance and conduct with customers, vendors, and other employees.


  • High school education or equivalent.

  • Experience in a manufacturing facility, preferably high-speed production line operations.

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