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How Businesses Are Going Green

Now more than ever, people are going green to help the planet reduce chemical waste and trash. Cleaning materials and companies are no different. Going green and using eco-friendly cleaning products help minimize any negative impacts they have on the environment. They also help keep your space safer and healthier. They do this all while helping to make sure it looks and smells clean. Typically, going green involves the combined use of chemicals, technology, and tools that make the practice more environmentally friendly than other options. Typically, green cleaning products use natural and renewable materials. Here are some tips and examples of how you can go green.

Go paperless

Going paperless is a great way to go green and not produce as much waste. Lots of companies do billing, invoicing, and marketing on paper. If you are able to start doing this all digitally, it would help a ton. You don’t want to overtax the environment. Going paperless is not only good for the planet; it is also more convenient for businesses that really don’t want to add to their already large amounts of paper.

Less Natural Resources

If you are getting your company cleaned or doing it yourself, you should try to use eco-friendly, concentrated cleaning chemicals. This is because the chemicals typically require less packaging and less transportation to get where they need to go. This helps ensure that you or the company you are hiring are not overusing any natural resources that could possibly be hurting the environment or the earth.

Waste Management

Companies can take accountability and sustainability to the next level by making sure they follow three rules: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reducing the consumption of cleaning products and any chemicals is essential, followed by reusing any items to help limit waste and ensure less energy is spent. Of course, recycling is often the most popular among businesses because it’s the easiest and there are so few materials that you can’t recycle. If you follow these three rules, then it will help your company significantly minimize waste.

Put people first.

It's vital for organizations and businesses to put people first and think about how to protect them. As a business, pleasing people and pleasing your employees is something you should constantly think about and strive for. Businesses should take action in their local community by responsibly partnering with any relevant charities and projects; that way, they ensure the local communities benefit from the company’s presence in that area. Drive for sustainability in your community. You can even try to implement sustainable fleets that use cleaner vehicles and even cleaner fuels. Be the change you want to see.


When going for sustainable cleaning, it's all about using biological products and methods that are safer to both the environment and humans. Eco-friendly cleaning products can help reduce any air and water pollution. Businesses can get washable microfiber mop heads and clothes to use less water and clean spills that happen.

At EIDS Cleaning & Consulting, we understand how vital it is for the Twin Cities businesses to stay clean and safe. Along with our industry certified cleaning services, we also offer free consultations to companies looking to learn more about how to implement effective cleaning protocols. Contact us today to get started on how we can help clean your business.

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