May 22, 2023

Commercial Cleaning Mistakes You're Making And How To Avoid Them

When you are cleaning your office building, you may think it is easy or simple. But far too often, people make cleaning mistakes that business owners and employees don’t even realize. These mistakes can easily cost you or your business hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance if you are not careful. Let’s talk about some mistakes that you could possibly be making and how you can avoid them.

Assuming a surface is clean

Viruses and bacteria often lurk on any number of surfaces. Even if you don’t think they are there or can’t see them, that doesn't mean they aren’t there. If your company has a kitchen with counters and tables, then more than likely they have bacteria on them. Instead, assume that the surface is not clean. It is best to clean the surfaces thoroughly after every use, or at least by the end of the day. By using a professional janitorial service, they will make sure that every surface is scrubbed and cleaned effectively.

Spilled Stains

Oftentimes, employees or business owners make the mistake of scrubbing spilled stains from the carpet or upholstered office furniture. When this happens, you risk ruining them with permanent marks. You should avoid scrubbing any spilled stains completely. When you scrub spilled stains, it may help set the stain instead of removing it. A great example of this is red wine, which is like a natural dye that can easily stain anything because of the contents in the wine. So basically, if you scrub the wine, it will absorb its color; this includes your carpet or furniture. Instead, you should assess the type of spill and try using an old cloth or tower to blot the spill. When you blot and combine using an oxidizer or surfactant, such as hydrogen peroxide and dish soap, you then safely remove any residue from the stain without setting the stain into your furniture or carpet.

Treating Every Cleaner Like A Disinfectant

When you are looking at cleaners, you need to realize that not every single cleaner disinfects the surface that you are trying to clean. It seems that oftentimes employees and business owners don't fully read the labels. You should be using cleaners that are designed for whatever surface you are trying to clean, and you should also make sure that you use a disinfectant spray for the required time. An example of this is that some sprays will require you to leave the solution on for 10 seconds. If you want to sanitize the surface, then oftentimes manufacturers will recommend you leave the product on for minutes at a time. So it's very important that you read the labels and the instructions. Thankfully, with a professional cleaning company, they know what sprays and cleaners to use and how to deal with the messes. They know what to use and where to use it, so you don’t have to worry about any of it.

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