May 22, 2023

How A Clean Business Can Attract New Customers

When you have a clean and healthy workplace, you soon realize that it’s a cornerstone for running a successful business. However, plenty of business owners only seem to notice this when things get completely out of hand. You need to make sure that your offices and workspaces are cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that your customers and employees are happy. When your business is healthy and productive, it leaves a good first impression on potential customers and business partners.

Happy Employees

Most people work 8–10 hours a day, and most employees consider their work a second home. This means you are going to need to focus your efforts on keeping it clean and tidy for them. When you keep the work environment well maintained, you are letting your employees be productive, efficient, and, of course, most importantly, happy. Your employees are a representation of your business and brand. Most companies tend to use their employees as a marketing channel. They get to talk about their work with friends and family while also promoting the products and services that they are working on. If you have an unsatisfied employee or if they are unhappy with their work environment, they are going to be less likely to talk about your business in any positive way. Plus, their productivity will drop drastically while they are working in a messy and unclean work environment.


It takes less than 13 seconds for a customer to judge your business as soon as they walk in. You can have beautiful displays and a nice front staff, but if your office isn't clean and you don’t have good hygiene, customers will notice and make assumptions about your skills as a business. Customers are not going to want to do business with a company that has poor hygiene. Most customers are going to end up abandoning you and going with a competitor who values health and hygiene. It’s important to keep in mind that clean offices reduce the risk of infectious diseases and cross-contamination. It doesn’t matter what kind of company you are—hospital, school, or hotel—a hygienic environment will protect the health of your employees and customers. If you have a clean office, you are showing that you care about your customers and the health and wellness of your employees.

Going Green

When you end up investing in a clean office, it's pretty easy to go green. It’s important to reduce your carbon footprint, and being responsible for the natural resources you use is important to customers. Investing in green initiatives is mandatory these days. It’s pretty easy to go green if you replace paper towels in your bathrooms with hygienic air dryers. You can also use touchless soap dispensers to help cut down on the use of soap. It’s important to try and implement these as soon as possible so that you can proudly claim to be a green company right away.

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Book a call with us today to learn more about our cleaning and consultation services!