May 22, 2023

Is Carpet Cleaning Important In The Workplace?

Often times, business owners wonder why they need their office carpets cleaned. Carpets are a central part of most office spaces; they provide comfort and insulation for employees, but they are also a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and allergens. Regular cleaning is going to be essential if you want to maintain the health of your employees and business. Commercial carpet cleaning is different from home cleaning because you need a combination of deep cleaning and carpet maintenance to help maximize the life of your carpet. In this blog, we will talk about why it is so important to get your business carpet cleaned.


When it comes to getting a commercial carpet cleaned, there are many benefits. The most important and best benefit is the health coverage for your employees. Commercial carpet cleaning gets deep into the carpet fibers to help remove the dirt and bacteria. This is especially important since dirt and germs tend to be the main causes of sick workers and sick businesses. The carpet cleaning process will reduce the number of airborne allergens in the office. You’ll instantly see less sneezing, less coughing, and less runny noses. A quality cleaning will help remove dirt and pollutants from the air, which in turn will give your employees a cleaner and healthier environment. Carpet cleaning will also help extend the life of the carpet. Over time, dirt and moisture will wear out the carpet fibers. When you get regular cleanings, the carpet fibers will stay strong and durable, which will save your business money in the long run.

How Often?

When it comes to getting your business carpet cleaned, most experts agree that you should get it cleaned once every six months. This is going to help keep your office looking clean and smelling fresh. Although if you have a good amount of foot traffic, you should get your office carpet cleaned every three months. A good rule of thumb to follow is to have your carpet cleaned once it gets dirty. If you tend to have a lot of traffic and a lot of dirt, you should more than likely have it cleaned more often. This is all going to come down to your judgment and what you think is best, while also making sure you are doing what is best for your business.

Perks of Going Professional

If you hire someone to clean your carpet who is not a professional, they are more than likely going to damage it. If the person you hire doesn’t know that you shouldn't use hot water on certain types of carpet, they could accidentally end up ruining your carpet. When it comes to finding the right cleaning company, you want to look for good reviews, experience, and certifications. When you find a company with these 3 things, you know that you can trust them to do a great job and take care of your carpet cleaning.

Getting your office carpet cleaned can be a great way to keep your business looking fresh and clean. Not only will a clean carpet look nice, but it will also feel nice under your feet. At EIDS Cleaning, we specialize in carpet and industrial cleaning. We have the experience, reviews, and certifications. Get in contact with us today to find out how we can be of value to you.

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