April 10, 2024

Safety First: Why Eids Cleaning and Consulting is Your Trusted Partner

In the Twin Cities, Eids Cleaning and Consulting isn't just about sparkling surfaces. It's about creating a safe and healthy environment for our clients and our team. Here's why safety is more than just a priority for us – it's the foundation of our exceptional commercial cleaning services.

That's why it's our slogan: Educate. Improve. Disinfect. Sanitize.

Unwavering Commitment from the Top Down

Safety is a core value. Our leadership team is unwavering in their commitment to providing the resources, training, and support necessary for a safe work environment. This dedication translates into empowered cleaning professionals who prioritize safety in every task.

Training isn't just for our staff providing the cleaning service, but it's also provided for our clients. Having everything down to the tea in writing for cleaning procedures as well as emergency maintenance can create a safe environment for all of us - our team, your team, and your clients.

Proactive Protection

We go beyond reactive measures. At Eids Cleaning and Consulting, we foster a culture of safety awareness. This proactive approach involves comprehensive training programs, routine hazard assessments, and open communication channels. Our team members are trained to identify potential risks and empowered to address them before incidents occur.

We have a customer portal where we'll be able to communicate both ways with you to resolve any issues that may come up, as well as keep you updated with any changes we may be implementing or any procedures that needed additional input.

Continuous Improvement

At Eids Cleaning and Consulting, we believe safety is a continuous journey. We constantly evaluate our practices, learn from every experience, and adapt to ensure the safest possible work environment. We leverage industry best practices and invest in ongoing safety training to keep our team members at the forefront of safe cleaning methods.

The Eids Difference

Choosing Eids Cleaning and Consulting means choosing a partner that prioritizes both exceptional cleaning and a secure work environment.  We believe a clean space thrives when built upon a strong foundation of safety.

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