May 6, 2024

Why Food Producers Can't Afford Toxic Cleaning Anymore

Consumers have high expectations when they enter a grocery store. They trust the food on the shelves is safe, made with quality ingredients, and produced in clean facilities. However, having worked in the industry, you know the achieving a perfect clean facility is more than a challenge. Traditional cleaning chemicals, while seemingly effective, come with a host of hidden costs that can put your workers, your products, and your bottom line at risk.

The Relentless Fight Against Contamination

Food manufacturing facilities face a never-ending battle against contamination. The constant movement of ingredients, equipment, and people creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.  Tight production schedules make thorough cleaning difficult, yet rushing the process invites unseen risks.  Traditional cleaning solutions often contain harsh chemicals that harm workers, can compromise product safety, and even damage expensive equipment.

Essential Practices for a Safe Facility

To achieve top-tier cleanliness in food manufacturing, you need a plan. This means strict cleaning schedules to prevent dangerous buildup and proper waste disposal to avoid attracting pests. Pest control measures are essential to protect your reputation and products. Don't forget to clean your equipment thoroughly – it prevents breakdowns and keeps your food safe. Finally, train your employees on hygiene practices like handwashing and protective gear. These steps are your shield against contamination.

The Eids Difference

Eids Cleaning and Consulting knows the struggle of cleaning food production facilities. That's why we offer cutting-edge electrolyzed water (e-water) solutions. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals!  E-water is safe for your team, gentle on equipment, and eliminates any risk of ruining your products. For ultimate convenience, we offer on-site generation systems, ensuring you always have the cleaning power you need.  Need help with the cleaning itself? Our expert team handles everything from deep cleans to daily tasks so your facility is always spotless and ready for inspection.  Plus, we'll train your staff on how to use e-water for a consistently clean and safe workplace.

Why Choose Eids?

Choosing Eids is choosing a safer, smarter future for your food production. E-water technology shows your customers that safety is your top priority, earning their trust. Your employees get a healthier workplace, leading to a happier and more productive team. Plus, you'll save money on chemicals, protect your expensive equipment, and avoid the disastrous costs of recalls. In today's market, nothing beats a clean, safe reputation. That's the Eids advantage.

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